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    Member of the IWFA International window film association, 1Day Auto Tint offers window tinting in Huntsville & Madison Al       #20140715-0899


    Why choose 1Day Auto Tint for your car Tinting needs?


    • 1DAY Auto Tint is Trusted by Automotive Dealers In Huntsville, Madison and surrounding cities with more than 100k cars tinted in our shop.
    • Implementing the most up to date micro edge software that cuts the tint for every vehicle on the market! That means a perfect fit every time and no chance of damage due to hand cutting the film on your vehicle
    • Authorized dealer for LLumar and FormulaOne International Brands each backed with a Manufacturers Lifetime warranty
    • Our installers are one of the best in the country, no seriously.. Winning Industry Tint Competetions they have even been called up by the World Famous “West Coast Customs”
    • Plenty of different choices of window films; there isn’t a ONE Tint fits all Window film, There are a lot of variations and materials that make window film and we carry all of them. From conventional Dyed Film to Ultimate Heat rejecting Ceramic or Spectra Film
    • Cheaper is NOT better, we have implemented industry techniques and even taught other window film professionals how to apply window film efficiently as possible, that means no bubbling and distortion shortly after installation. 
    • No questions asked warranty, If the film faults, fades peels or bubbles we replace it. We only use Major Recognized Brands and we don’t think it should be a hassle to have your tint fixed if there is a problem.